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The Z-Corp K2 platform is the newest and most technologically advanced genealogy platform in the industry. Its open architecture and easy-to-write app framework make it the logical choice for writing and hosting your genealogy application.


Why write a K2 app?

K2 apps have literally unrestricted access to the largest family tree on the internet. A variety of services are open for the creative designer to use, allowing you to do anything from searching the database to building relationship paths from any of the 250,000,000+ individuals in our dataset to any other individual in the dataset, or to anyone who can provide just enough information to tie them into the large pool of individuals (usually 3 generations of ancestors will do that).


What are the possibilities?

K2 apps have access to family trees, owners of the information in those trees, and a wealth of other information (liars aren’t we). K2 apps can access other systems, compare data between them, and offer customers access to unlimited data sources or services. A K2 app could provide fan charts, or pedigree printing in many different formats. A K2 app could find missing members of the customer’s pedigree and then search existing websites for that information. A K2 app could find everyone born in a certain city, state, or other geographical area at any given time, and tie those people to events going on in that place or at that time. A K2 app could correlate information between the Z-Corp Family Tree Cloud and the app developer’s own website or data source. The possibilities are endless!


How do I get paid?

K2 apps are available in the K2 app store for use by any K2 user. App developers can designate their application to be free, or require payment by customers to access it, or as with other app technologies, they can offer additional features on a pay-as-you go basis. Z-Corp will manage charging the customer for app purchase. As with other app stores, the Z-Corp fee is 30% of the app price. At the time you submit your app for approval, you will designate a PayPal account that will receive your portion of the sales each month.

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