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GenealogyCloud is a full-featured REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API that provides access to the Z-Corp FamilyTreeCloud™ and related services.  The Z-Corp FamilyTreeCloud is a single unified family tree constructed from hundreds of millions of user submitted genealogical records, and constitutes the largest single family tree known to exist today.

The GenealogyCloud web service provides all the functionality needed to allow partners to add to, edit, search, and manage data in the Family Tree Cloud.

The web service is used by partner websites such as OneGreatFamily, KiN2,, and numerous other partners and affiliates, and provides an access and connecting point for third party systems and solutions.  In addition to standard family tree web calls like "create an individual", "add a father", "add a child" etc., the API includes capabilities not available anywhere else, including:

View Preservation

The data submitted by any one user of the FamilyTreeCloud is protected from being overwritten by any other user, even when they edit the same data record. Data changed or submitted by other users suggestions that can be accepted or declined. Each FamilyTreeCloud user has full proprietary control over the data that they see.

Automated Matching

The Z-Corp system is designed to eliminate duplication in genealogical data. The matching system continually attempts to match records that have been submitted with existing records. This process enables users of the system to avoid the common problem found in genealogical research where the same individual is submitted to data repositories multiple times by various people, but each submission creates a new instance of an individual.


The Z-Corp merging system, coupled with the automated matching system, merges duplicate individuals to eliminate the problems described above. In addition to the problem of finding several instances of "Uncle Fred", the automated merging is responsible for allowing the Z-Corp system to automatically extend family lines and add ancestors to one's tree, without any intervention on the part of the system user.

Automatic Extension of Family Trees

By using the automated matching and merging systems, the Z-Corp Family Tree Cloud offers the most technologically advanced system for extending family lines without any intervention on the part of the user. This extension can happen whenever any information is submitted by anyone. Users submitting data can tie into existing family lines within the system, or existing family lines in the system can be extended by new information added by new users of the system.

Group Architecture for Sharing and Collaboration

The Z-Corp Family Tree Cloud was built from the ground up with sharing and collaboration between system users as a fundamental feature. Users of the system can see data submitted by other users, and can choose to interact with them if they desire. Users can also be organized into groups who share resources and work together on family lines.


The Z-Corp GenealogyCloud and Family Tree Cloud represent a great opportunity for partners and others to take advantage of significant genealogical resources.

For more information about GenealogyCloud, watch this (embed powerpoint into website) Old powerpoint: Genealogy_Cloud_Overview.pps

For questions or to discuss GenealogyCloud, please contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For documentation on the GenealogyCloud REST API, click here.

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